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Why you’re not using your gifts and talents is a question we need to explore in more detail. The Creator gave us gifts for the Body of Christ and other things He called us to accomplish. Sadly, so many Believers suppress their gifts and talents. We make excuses for not moving forward out of fear or complacency, while others believe using gifts and talents is only for a select bunch.

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I want to shed light on fatherless households, and the effect of spiritual warfare fueled through the Hip Hop culture. There is a fatherless crisis among the black community, and too many people aren’t talking about it. The hip-hop celebrity artists are fueling this through their lifestyle and art. Although rappers are not the only cause of this crisis, they play a massive role in our black communities’ lack of fathers in the home.

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Do you know how to pray? In my twenties, I noticed numerous books written about prayer. I’d often wonder why all these books are available about the subject. At that time, I understood prayer as merely just communicating with God. However, I later learned that I did need lessons to pray intentionally and consistently in the Spirit.

Sure, prayer is a conversation with God, but I also believe it’s your spiritual life support. Prayer is the spiritual equivalent to the oxygen you need to breathe.

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Please read this if you are a professing Christian that stands with the Democrat/Liberal party. Whether or not you support abortion laws, the party you stand with does. Please be alert, chose your faith over feelings, and prayerfully consider the things I’m going to unfold.

If you’re a black Christian voting for Democrats, can you explain the reasoning for your stance? I’m asking because I never was challenged with my position until several years back. My reasons for endorsing the platform were more about feelings and race as opposed to facts. I didn’t see how my political choices were also a massive part of where I was spiritually.

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During one of my recent fasts, I questioned why so many Christians are weak and powerless. Before you find offense, could you hear me out? We have power and spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, yet we are not using any of it.

Instead, we chose to live stressed out, weak, powerless, peaceless, poor in spirit, and broken in the soul.

Imagine how Jesus must feel when He looks at us living this way. It’s so sad when I witness so many professing Christians trampled over by the enemy. We need equipping to fight in a spiritual battle. We operate in warfare defensively and not offensively. Read more

sow good seeds to reap abundantly

There is no way to escape the law of sowing and reaping. So, I want to reveal how you can sow good seeds to reap an abundant harvest. It’s not possible to sow only one seed and yield just the single crop. Inside of an apple seed lives an apple tree. Inside of thought lives a vision.

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