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Guarding Against Temptation

Guarding against temptation is an essential practice in the life of the saints. Practicing guarding against temptation will help you transfer these principles into your marriage and sanctification journey. As you go through the preparation season, before God gifts you with the desire of your heart to enter a loving and fulfilling marriage, let’s consider […]


Astrology—Do Not Fall for the Trickery

Astrology isn’t for you, please don’t fall for their trickery. Dabbling in astrology and zodiac symbolism and horoscopes is a dangerous game. You can’t dabble in the zodiac symbolism and come away from it unscathed. Before you came to know Christ, you may have dabbled innocently with zodiac signs or gotten heavily ingrained. When Christ […]

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Manifesting Goals through Vision Boards

Manifesting goals through vision boards by professing Christians is quite popular. Vision board parties are widespread within Christian women’s groups and churches. Writing goals and planning for them is also exciting. But the question is, should Christians use vision boards to accomplish goals? I want to be clear that I am all for putting goals […]