Your goals will fail if you do the five things I include in this post. No matter how well you plan or how determined you are, your goals will fail if you do any of these things. Dreaming Big and setting goals is hard enough, but ensuring they don’t fail is even harder. 

Here are a few tips on what NOT to do if you want your goals to succeed.

Goals Fail Because You Lack Passion

If you’re not passionate about the goals you set to achieve, it will be hard to reach the destination. Achieving goals can seem overwhelming when we aren’t passionate about them. An example is losing weight, looking for a new job, or removing bad habits.

Committing to a goal without feeling an emotional connection to it is possible, but your goal will only succeed if you can overcome the lack of enthusiasm.


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You can easily overcome a lack of passion by educating yourself on why the goal is vital to conquering and the positive changes you’ll experience. Take some time to reflect on why this goal is important in your life, and its purpose; connecting with its importance for you can often reignite enthusiasm for attainment. 

Accessing your creativity will also help. You can draw, write, or brainstorm fresh ideas.

Tip: Start by breaking down the larger goal into smaller ones that you can work on one by one. Please grab my goal-setting guide with 8 of my spiritual disciplines for accomplishing my goals right here.

God wants us to plan and use our time wisely. This is why I created the Dream Big Goal-setting guide.

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Your Goals Will Fail if You Don’t have a plan

If you don’t have a plan, be certain that your goals will fail. If this is the case, reading the Bible will encourage faith and planning. Meditating on God’s Word will offer guidance that will allow you to construct an effective plan with tangible action items – making your aspirations more achievable.

A robust spiritual life will bring clarity and provide perspective to any given situation, but reading the Bible is a source of motivation and strength when encountering challenges during your journey. 

Tip: Decide what Bible books and chapters you’ll read each morning, the night before. It helps save time and sets intentions.

Your Goals Will Fail if You Stop Taking Action

When you struggle to work on your goals or find yourself unable to start or even finish what you’ve set out to do, don’t worry, it’s a common problem. 

Realistically scheduling the time to turn these goals into actions is an essential part of the process. 

It’s not easy and you’ll have to put in the hard work but once you do, it’ll all be worth it, especially when you achieve something great. So take action, control this habit and become successful towards achieving your desired outcome!

Tip: Set actual times and dates that you plan to follow through on completing your goal. 

Your Goals Will Fail if You Give up Easily

Giving up too easily can prevent you from achieving success in life. Hard work is the foundation for earning rewards, whether knowledge, tangible objects, or something else. 

If you give up when things get hard, you’ll miss out on new opportunities, spiritual growth, and personal development. It’s important to remember that hard work pays off. Nothing we do for God is in vain, so push yourself further each time, and don’t give up!

Tip: When you feel like giving up, recall two scriptures and two Bible stories to keep you going.

Your Goals Will Fail if Your Mindset is Negative

It can be difficult to renew your negative mindset; however, it is possible. God will never ask us to do anything that isn’t possible and that He won’t equip us to do.

First, take some time to reflect on what might be causing your negative thoughts and feelings. Once you’ve identified them, start slowly replacing those thought patterns with scriptures to help you break those unhealthy patterns.

Faith requires a renewed mind, the old mindsets of the past won’t take you to new levels.

Additionally, focus on the goodness and beauty of God and all He is. Think about all God has done for you.

Reflect on how He made you a one-of-a-kind original. Think about your testimony, talents, values, and the goals you want to accomplish. Overcoming old beliefs will be challenging initially but renewing this mindset can give you a newfound confidence that will help you make meaningful change.


Your Goals Will Fail When You Compare Yourself to Others 

Comparing yourself to others can be a discouraging practice, especially when it leads to the idea that you cannot stay on the same path of progress that everyone else seems to be making. Unfortunately, this does not take into account the different set of challenges each person faces and the individual rate at which each person can or chooses to work. A helpful approach here is to stay in your lane – focus on yourself and stay true to your own priorities and goals rather than trying to emulate someone else’s timeline. Do what makes sense for you, stay motivated despite difficulties, and hold onto faith that you will eventually make it where you want to be.


Bonus-Your Goals Will Fail When…

Christian goals will always fail when we don’t keep God first in all we do. Although we may win and accomplish things, it’s not the same when the God that created and formed us in the womb and knew us before the earth’s foundation is not involved. Therefore, be sure to stay in contact with God on your good and bad days. Don’t just seek Him out when things get bad. Keep the relationship you have with Him the foremost priority. He is Lord over every area of your life.


These are six reasons you might not be achieving your goals. If any of them resonate with you, don’t worry! The first step is acknowledging that there’s a problem. Now that you’re aware of the potential obstacles in your way, it’s time to take action and start making some changes. If this post was helpful for you, please share it with two friends who might also find it useful. Helping others achieve their dreams is one of the best feelings in the world- let’s pay it forward!

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