Christian Mary J. Blige’s Disturbing Statement

Born-again Christian Mary J. Blige recently made some very disturbing statements that went way too far. Mary J. Blige recently set down with journalist Angie Martinez on the Angie Martinez show. Mary J. Blige often uses “God” in her talks and songs; she’s done so over the years. If you listened to her for any time, you’d be led to think she’s on the up-and-up and has a connection with God. She credits her relationship with Jesus for helping her to kick an addiction to substance abuse about 2-decades ago.

However, the statement she made in this interview left me in shock, but I’m glad I know where she stands. In the industry she’s been in for over 3 decades, it’s hard to find an honest Christian wrapped up in the Hollyweirdness.


Watch Mary J. Blige share’s her disturbing statements here:

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