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Astrology isn’t for you, please don’t fall for their trickery. Dabbling in astrology and zodiac symbolism and horoscopes is a dangerous game. You can’t dabble in the zodiac symbolism and come away from it unscathed.

Before you came to know Christ, you may have dabbled innocently with zodiac signs or gotten heavily ingrained. When Christ makes you a new creation (in Him), you must learn to renew your mind and remove the remnants of the teachings contrary to your life in Him (Romans 12:1-2). Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, it’s spiritually hazardous to tangle with zodiac charts and symbolism. Read more

If you’re a Christian and are involved in the practice of yoga, read on. Here I share why Christians should never practice yoga and its dangers. I’m going to highlight several falsities that the modern church has been adopting for some time. Once aware of this information, it’s up to you to decide whether you will partake in it.

When I originally published this topic some years back, twitter attacks filled my feed. It struck a chord and was one of my most attention-grabbing writings.

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Is it okay for Christians to represent zodiac signs? Let’s take a look at what the Bible teaches about zodiacs. Last week we reviewed why, as God’s children, we are not to claim a zodiac sign from Christians and Zodiac Signs. We are to rest firmly in identifying only with whom God says we are.


According to the Watchman Bible Study Group and “Cult Watch” by John Ankerberg & John Weldo, they had this to say, “Proof that the spirits (demons) are interested in promoting astrology as seen in the following two examples.

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Should Christians represent zodiac signs? Let’s take a look at what the Bible teaches about zodiacs. I’m not a Libra or any other false title placed on me. Yes, I was born on October 14th, but I was also born-again at age seven. Since God adopted me, this new identity gives me a new name and eternal address change.

I am a Bible Believing Christian—a child of God, a Christ-follower, and a permanent resident of the Kingdom of God.

If you are a brother or sister of mine, in Christ, you must know why it’s not cool to attach any false gods with your identity.

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